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            Your Other Hands is an in-home nanny agency and has been serving the families of the Delaware Valley since 1988, answering all childcare needs. Our motto is, "CREATED FOR MOMS BY MOMS", has been, from the beginning, our mission statement, and, helping you, our goal.  As mothers ourselves, we know that there is no better investment in our children’s' future than personalized, loving, outstanding care for our children when we, as parents, are not available. 

            Nannies today have become an indispensable component of many families, not just the luxury of a few households as they once were. Parents today, in choosing a nanny, are not simply looking for a babysitter but rather someone to help raise their children in their absence, as a teacher, a companion, and a beloved caregiver. Whether you need a full-time, live-out nanny, a part-time nanny, or someone merely to help you on the occasional or last-minute emergency basis, we are available to you 24 hrs/day 365 days/week. We at Your Other Hands take care to hire only nannies with the experience to provide the loving care for your children that you should come to expect.

             The standards nannies have to meet to be employed by us are extremely high. All prospective employees, without exception, are first personally interviewed by us, and our basic criterion at this point is simple - would we hire this person to watch our own children or grandchildren? After this initial one-on-one screening during which references are collected and later verified, the potential hires must then complete Criminal and Child Abuse forms with the state, have a complete physical including all vaccinations as well as a TB test, and be certified in infant CPR. Proof of either citizenship or legal residency is also a must.  After these requirements have been met, the nanny is then bonded with Travelers Insurance. These requirements are checked and verified by our office at no additional time or cost to you. So, when a prospective nanny walks through your door, you know that she has met our stringent requirements and we feel that she is the best possible candidate for your job. The accolades we have received over the last 25 years of service can and do attest to that. 

            Financially, Your Other Hands operates differently than other agencies in the child-care industry. First, there is no large upfront placement fee, which can run into thousands. We charge an annual $250.00 fee per family (not nanny or child), which entitles you to use our service as much or little as you need that year.  Second, YOU ONLY PAY FOR THE SERVICE YOU RECEIVE.  Meaning, your hours of service are recorded by your nanny on an agency-provided time card, signed by you, and then turned into the agency on a weekly basis. This time card is your receipt of service as well as your bill. Your nanny is paid by us on the basis of this bill. You do not pay for sick days, vacations, or shortened hours. In addition, there is no extra charge for having more than one child as in daycares. Also, since our nannies are all legally here, you will receive an annual statement which you can use towards the childcare deduction on your tax return.

            We have expanded our business to include the concerns of caring for your elderly as well as those of your children. As daughters ourselves, we have experienced the difficulties inherent in providing help to our aging parents and have learned that we are not alone in facing this. Having been in business as long as we have, we have realized that is in "OUR NATURE TO NURTURE" and no population is as vulnerable now as the elderly.  We are gearing up to be of service to those out there facing the new dauntless task of providing care for our parents and relatives. You can be assured that our hiring practices for this new branch of our service will be as stringent as those we have now and the professionalism of our staff as great.

           We look forward to helping you answer your childcare needs.  We take pride in the fact that for over 25 years’ parents have slept better knowing that their children have received high- quality childcare in their homes.  Please contact us with any concerns or questions, and we will be happy to answer them.


                                                                          K. Suzette Trimmer