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         Our requirements for nannies have to be of the highest quality and caliber. All prospective employees, without exception, are all personally interviewed by the owner, in person face to face and our basic criterion at this point is simple - would we hire this person to watch our own children or grandchildren? After this initial one-on-one screening during which references are collected and later verified, the potential hires must then complete:

Criminal and Child Abuse forms with the state.
Have a complete physical including all vaccinations as well as a TB test.
Certified in pediatric CPR

FBI fingerprint certification 
Proof of citizenship. We hire only American Citizens.

After these requirements have been met, the nanny is then bonded with Travelers Insurance.

         These requirements are checked and verified by our office at no additional time or cost to you. So, when a prospective nanny walks through your door, you know that she has met our stringent requirements and we feel that she is the best possible candidate for your job. The accolades we have received over the last 25 years of service can and do attest to that.