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Your Other Hands Services

Your Other Hands provides Full Service childcare to it's registered clients. This is done by various means.

Your requests and inquires are not restricted to office hours. We are available to you 24 hours a


day, seven days per week. Service at 11:30 pm or at 5:00am are always responded to.

Nannies utilize a time card for the purpose of documentation for all hours and days of service performed. This enables all parties to have a paper trail of all hours. You will know at the completion of each assignment what your balance due is by simply multiplying the number of hours worked times the appropriate rate per hour. At no time are the clients in a position to negotiate a nannies rate per day.

Payment is made easy by either handing the nanny the check for the services or you are welcome to mail your check within one week of services rendered.



For any past due amount your account will be charged an additional $25.00 per week for every week that the amount is overdue. There is also an additional charge of $25.00 for each check returned to our office by the bank


We pay the nanny as sub-contractors which allows you to still claim your expencses for child care through us on the IRS 2421 form for childcare expenses. At no additional cost to you, you are welcome to recieve, upon request, a financial statement with our our Federal ID number for your tax purposes.

Transportation costs for nannies using SEPTA rail line travel are asked to be paid directly to the nanny. Any time a nanny uses her car for your assignment and you live outside the City of Philadelphia we ask you to pay the nanny directly $0.25 per mile one way only. She will provide you with an office receipt for the mileage. Otherwise there is no cost to you for the nanny to get to and from your job.


What you are not charged for  


Coming home earlier than you expected, days off, sick days, vacation time, substitute for permenant nanny prearranged, transportation within the city limits, interviews with nannies, financial statements, cancelations, or the convenience of a 24 hour service only a phone call away. With Your Other Hands you only pay for what you get. Unlike day care centers you are not required to commit to any set schedule and our hours as flexable as you need them to be, always have been.


We offer a comfortable payment schedule. Because you pay us, and we pay the nanny, you avoid the awkwardness that sometimes can arise over payment. For our fees, please call 215-790-0990.